All Shoes 39.95

Looking for shoes for only 39.95?

Our site is currently under construction but until its done, check out these ways you can get stylish, designer shoes for only $39.95.

JustFabulous ( you might have seen their commercial for $39.95 shoes, free shipping and a stylist. All you have to do is take their style quiz and register, signing up is FREE. There is no obligation to buy, but if you do buy you will be automatically entered into their VIP shoe club, a paid shoe of the month type club (check their terms of service for more details).

ShoeDazzle - Shoe Dazzle is similiar to in that you take a quiz and sign up (free) and are entered into a VIP shoe of the month club when you make your first purchase. The main difference is in their stylists (the people who select the shoes) and the shoes themselves. You might recognize because of their association with Kim Kardashian.

You can sign up for for ShoeDazzle here: ShoeDazzle